Full screen iNetVu Transportable Skid
iNetVu Transportable Skid

The iNetVu Transportable Skid is a robust transportable base which is designed to support the iNetVu 1200 antenna system. The skid can be transported using forklifts or hoists making it possible to rapidly deploy the antenna system without the need to mount it on a trailer or a vehicle.

• Welded aluminum construction is rigid, lightweight & robust
• Easily handled by forks from pallet trucks and warehouse lift-trucks to large outdoor vehicles
• Fork access from all 4 sides
• Easily hoistable
• Antenna can be quickly mounted/demounted
• Ships fully assembled for very fast integration and deployment
• Optional shock absorbers to greatly reduce road damage
• Extra strongpoints that accommodate a rack case and generator for self-contained antenna deployment
• Optional cable spool

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