Full screen iNetVu ACFLY-1200
iNetVu ACFLY-1200

ACFLY-1200 VSAT Antenna

The iNetVu ACFLY-1200 IATA Compliant Airline Checkable Flyaway Antenna System is designed to provide excellent RF performance in a highly portable, light weight, compact package. The ACFLY-1200 system comes standard with a 6 piece rugged carbon fibre reflector and one IATA compliant transportable shipping case. The ACFLY-1200 is also fully compatible with the 7024B and C series antenna controllers.

IATA Compliant Terminal

The 1200 series portable VSAT comes complete with two fully compiant IATA transport cases and the entire system weighs in at less than 140 lbs making it an ideal solution for worldwide satellite internet connectivity in the most remote areas. In addition to the iNetVu 7000 flyaway antenna controller, the entire antenna controller system can be operated manually if the need arises. All of these superb features on the iNetVu ACFLY-1200 Flyaway VSAT antenna system make it one of the best satellite internet solutions for mineral exploration & mining operations, disaster & incident communications, as well as emergency field operations & temporary field offices.

Prime Features

ACFLY-1200 key features tab 1.2m offset, prime focus, 6-piece carbon fibre reflector

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab 3-Axis Motorization

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Two Case Solution, patent pending

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Supports manual control when required

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Airline checkable

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab One button, auto-pointing controller acquires any Ku-band satellite within 2 minutes

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Designed to work with the iNetVu 7024C Controller

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Captive hardware / fasteners

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab No tools required for assembly / disassembly

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Set-up time less than 10 minutes, one person job

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Leveling capability for uneven surfaces

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Optimal high-precision antenna pointing

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Includes jog controller functions

 ACFLY-1200 key features tab Remote access and operation via network, web and other interfaces

ACFLY-1200 key features tab 1 Year Standard Warranty


Reflector 1.2m Offset Feed, carbon fiber

Platform Geometry Elevation over Azimuth

Off set Angle 15 degrees

Antenna Optics Single Off set

Azimuth  180 degrees

Elevation 10 - 90 degrees

Polarization  95 degrees

Elevation Deploy Speed Variable 2 degrees /sec typ.

Azimuth Deploy Speed Variable 5 degrees /sec typ.

Peaking Speed 0.1 /sec


Wind loading


With Ballast / Anchors 50 km/h (31 mph)

Survival 145 km/h (90 mph)


Operational -30 to 55 C (-22 to 131 F)

Survival -40 to 65 C (-40 to 149 F)

Solar Radiation 360 BTU/h/sq. ft

Rain 1.3cm/h (0.51 in/h)

Vibration per MIL-STD-810F, Annex A, Category 4, Truck/trailer/tracked

Shock Test per IEC 60068-2-27

Bump Test per IEC 60068-2-29

Drop and Topple per IEC 60068-2-31

Free- Fall Drop per IEC 60068-2-32, and ISTA 1A

Dust and Water Ingress per IEC 60529, IP65



Rx & Tx Cables 2 RG6 Cables -10m (33 ft) each

Control Cables

Standard 10m (33 ft) Ext. Cable

Optional Up to 60m (200 ft) available

RF Interface

Radio Mounting Back of Reflector

Axis Transition Rigid + Twist-flex Guide

Waveguide WR75 Cover Flange Interface

Coaxial RG6U F Type

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