Поставка гибких волноводов в АО "РТКОММ.РУ"
Full screen Поставка гибких волноводов в АО
Используемое оборудование и технологии
  • 1.2m High Gain Dual Optic Reflector, SMC or optional Carbon Fiber
  • Compact and Robust, designed to work at extremely cold temperatures (optional -55° C)
  • Auto-Pointing IPOINTTM Controller
  • Acquires in < 3 minutes
  • Integrated with Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT™) Modem. Provides dual-waveform transmit capability: DVB-RCS or SCPC DVB-S2 or SCPC TCC
  • Up to 45 Msymb/s in Rx and 25 Mbps in Tx
  • Simple Operation ‰- Requires no Satellite Communication Expertise
  • Completely automatic one button acquisition of required satellite
  • High performance and reliable satellite acquisition
  • Integrated with Ultra-Compact 50W Ku-band GaN based BUC and A-SATTM Modem (S6520)
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