About 443

ORLAN is a 3PL logistics provider and equipment supplier. ORLAN is a multifunctional provider of logistics services for a wide range of clients and importers along with being a satellite and IT equipment supplier. Our partners are the leading manufacturers of satellite and IT market. We are able to purchase their equipment as per the orders of our clients providing our own logistics, customs, certification and licensing. Our range of services also features warehousing, labelling, distribution and managing our clients’ orders. 

among the proposed types of equipment there are
Variety of SHF amplifiers
Frequency transformers, silent amplifiers and test translators
Satellite modems
Satellite transmitting antennas and SHF cables
Wide and mid range earth aerials
VSAT stations equipment (i.e. BUC, LNB and others)
Dehydrators and anti-freeze systems

We offer separate equipment items (i.e. amplifiers, frequency converters etc) along with fully integrated solutions and ready-to-operate earth stations. The equipment supplies can be provided with all the necessary logistics services to fulfill clients' needs.

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