Full screen LC 2150A Series
LC 2150A Series

Active (Amplified-Zero Loss) L-Band Combiners


The LC 2150A series commercial quality active L-band combiners meet strict level, match, and loss specifications achieved through the use of Quintech’s proprietary microstrip and SMT technology. These unity gain combiners operate over the satellite L-band (950-2150 MHz) frequency range and enable the combining of RF signals with repeatable performance over the entire frequency range and across all I/O ports.


LC12 2150A

LC24 2150A

Operating Frequency:

950-2150 MHz

950-2150 MHz





75 Ω or 50 Ω

75 Ω or 50 Ω


-2 dBm (each input)

-5 dBm (each input)

Insertion Loss:

0 ± 2 dB

0 ± 2.5 dB

Frequency Response:

± 2 dB

± 2.5 dB


18 dB

18 dB

Input Return Loss:

12 dB

12 dB

Output Return Loss:

12 dB

12 dB


19 dB

27 dB

RF Connectors:

F-Type, BNC 75 Ω or 50 Ω

F-Type, BNC 75 or 50

Power Requirements:

18-24 VDC Via 2-Pin Quick Connect Barrier Strip1

18-24 VDC Via 2-Pin Quick Connect Barrier Strip1

Power Consumption:

6 W

13 W


1 RU: 1.75” H x 19” W x 6.5” D

2 RU: 3.5” H x 19” W x 14” D


5.3 lbs Gross (boxed), 2.8 lbs Net

10 lbs Gross (boxed), 6.5 lbs Net

*Specifications may vary with connector type. See individual specification sheet for specific performance data.

1A/C adapter sold separately