Full screen Avcom TRSA-2500B
Avcom TRSA-2500B

5MHz-2500MHz Wide-Band Remote Spectrum Analyzers - Multiple SBS Spectrum Analyzers (No Display)





5MHz-2500MHz wide band



Discreet Inputs in a Compact Design

The TRSA-2500B utilizes (3) Avcom SBS analyzer cards in a single 1RU chassis offering (3) discreet inputs, all of which can be monitored simultaneously. This allows real time monitoring and analysis of the desired signals on a single screen via the Avcom Multi-Gui software which eliminates the need for switching between signals. The TRSA-2500B design requires external +15-24 VDC for power and offers (3) discreet wide band input signals (5MHz to 2500 MHz) and is available with USB, Ethernet and Serial communication ports.

Improved Performance & Specifications

The new TRSA-2500B was designed for excellent frequency and amplitude accuracy with a wide variety of resolution bandwidth selections ranging from 10kHz to 1MHz. This is required to allow for viewing and monitoring of small TT&C and data carriers found in many satellite communications markets today.

Versatile Graphical User Interface

The Avcom Graphical User interface (GUI) is a very versatile and useful tool for the satellite operator and Field Engineer. The Avcom GUI offers the ability to mask a carrier or monitor several carries and sends an audio or visual alarm if a carrier is out of tolerance. The Avcom GUI can also record spectrum streams during an alarm state for playback at a later date. The Avcom GUI also offers features such as waterfall display, peak persistence, peak ride, peak hold, delta markers, presets, S/N measurements and much more.

The Avcom GUI will run in the WINDOWS (2000, XP, Vista, and 7), and Mac platforms. Avcom offers a trial version of the GUI with remote analyzers so that you can try the software before purchasing. Please contact an Avcom representative for more information on the trial software.


  • 3 Spectrum Analyzers in a Compact 1RU Chassis
  • Monitor Multiple Signals Simultaneously
  • Improved Amplitude and Frequency
  • 4 Resolution Bandwidth Selections
  • USB, Ethernet, and Serial Comms
  • User Friendly and Intuitive GUI

Input Connertor Type:
BNC 50 Ohm (B) = Standard
TNC 50 Ohm (T) = No Charge
N 50 Ohm (N) = No Charge
SMA 50 Ohm (S) = No Charge
F 75 Ohm (F) = No Charge


The following option is also available:







Input Connector Type (Female)








No Charge